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Liquefied Natural Gas Solutions (LNG)

"Have you ever known the natural gas is possible to be carried as LNG to the locations where the pipeline network does not reach?"

OMV Enerji supplies LNG from LNG terminals in Türkiye to its customers established within the borders of Türkiye, with the concept of quality and reliable service, and supplies LNG for 7/24 without interruption through its wide and effective fleet of LNG trailers which enable the logistic operations to be sustainable.

OMV Enerji provides the use of LNG with high technology products in compliance with the international security and quality standards.

LNG is the abbreviation of the term “Liquefied Natural Gas”. LNG is an odourless colorless and non-toxic fuel which is obtained by means of cooling down . the natural gas to - 162 oC under the atmospheric pressure, and maintained in the liquid phase. The natural gas 600 times lower volume wise while changing from the gas to liquid phase, namely LNG, and thus it becomes possible to be transported in high amounts with the cryogenic trailers.

LNG is a kind of fuel, which is composed of mainly metan (CH4), etan (C2H6), propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10), and much purer, cleaner and efficient as compared to the pipeline natural gas as a result of the removal of its oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur and water content during the process of liquefaction.

LNG is a highly efficient product, which came out for the purpose of the natural gas usage of the facilities where there is no pipeline accesses. It is an alternative fuel being used in various industries and sectors located at the regions  where the pipeline gas is unavailable, such as:

  • Road Construction Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Paper Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Mining and Raw Material Industries
  • Textile Sector
  • Tourism Sector
  • Industrial Constructions (dam construction, bridge construction, asphalt production plants, etc.)
  • Food Sector and food production plants
  • Cement Sector
  • Food and beverage Industries
  • Livestock and Agriculture

LNG market grew over the years against the light and heavy fuel oil and liquid petroleum among the other alternative energy resources, with its clean, efficient and eco-friendly features. Despite the expansion of gas pipeline network over time slows down the growing of the alternative fuels market, LNG always became the first option in the places where there is no pipeline access  with the help of  the big projects carried out around Türkiye.

In Türkiye, 600 million gas equivalent of LNG has been transported annually.  The largest share in this figure belongs to the Türkiye’s leading LNG supply company OMV Enerji, supplying all over the country and providing service to the major leading construction projects such as 3rd Airport and Istanbul-Izmir Highway.

OMV Enerji Ticaret A.Ş. has Natural Gas Wholesale License valid for 30 years as of 02/06/2005.

OMV Gaz İletim A.Ş., has a License of LNG Transport for 30 years from the date of 07/07/2005.

  • Always identified the customer needs and provides the most convenient solutions.
  • With the help of experienced  sales Team Provides the most accurate information and guidance to its customers.
  • Provides periodic reporting and assessment visits, instant exchange of information.
  • Always next to customer during the contract period 7/24.
  • With the help of continuous information exchange and services helps its customers energy supply sustainability.
  • HSSE / Never comprimise from its standards, and acts with the corporate philosophy of “ZERO Harm - NO Losses” principles.
  • Has the largest LNG fleet across the country and provides the supply of energy without interruption.