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Technical Solutions


OMV Enerji asseses all the process-related and environmental conditions in order to offer location-specific solutions and reaches across Türkiye with its technical team and supplies uninterrupted energy in order to meet its customers’ energy need with advanced engineering solutions.


For LNG storage and providing uninterrupted energy to our customer. We care for our customers site tank locations are how positioned in compliance with local and international standards, considering our customers’ safety, ergonomics of the facility, process dynamics and vehicle and pedestrian traffic together with our highly experienced team.

In all LNG facilities installed at our customer sites, the equipment produced in line with the advanced technology, standards and norms are used and the production stage of equipment is completely monitored by our own engineers.

High Quality, Advanced Engineering

All repair and assembly works and welded productions performed within LNG facilities are regularly checked and inspected by our certified and highly experienced personnel, which ensures the quality and safety.

We conduct regular periodic inspections, make all the necessary static calculations and prepare our site designs by taking other external loads such as soil surveys, earthquake and wind loads into account in our anchorage calculations in order to ensure that LNG tanks continue to meet the safety, security and quality standards just like the first day they are established.

We install the system as soon as possible after the completion of works carried out by the customer and thus we provide that our customers further take advantage of comfortable and economical usage of LNG. 

Importance of Details

All the necessary warnings and warning signs are placed in appropriate places within LNG facilities in order to ensure that they are visible from each angles. The operations are conducted with redundant systems equipped with safety/security equipment in order to ensure process safety during LNG consumption.

We regularly measure the temperature of the gas supplied to your process with the temperature indicator units in our LNG facilities. We eliminate the risk that could be caused by residual current in the area where gas is used with assistance of our smart panel and pneumatic control systems that we install in our facilities. We protect such facilities against external impacts by using gas leak detection sensors, seismic activity detection motion sensors, smart pressure gauges and electronic level measuring devices.

7/24 Technical Solutions

LNG supply operation is conducted on an uninterrupted basis for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our technical staff is accessible for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for proactively answer to any deficiency that may arise during such operations.

Fuel Economy

Our technical staff frequently visit our LNG facilities and measure the performances of our tanks and evaporators located at customer site, which ensures performing the necessary repair and maintenance works and replacements in case of detection of any irregularity. This yields fuel economy for customers.

If you would like to get further technical information on LNG, you can contact us by either sending an e-mail to; or if you wish, you may directly contact with our Technical Operations Manager’s responsible for Key Accounts specified below.


Tayfun Gönül
Engineering and Technical Services Manager
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Alper Güven
Technical Operational Engineering
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Uraz Sar─▒tekin
Technical Operational Engineering
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