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OMV Enerji has been the most-preferred LNG supplier of road construction companies providing asphalt for the leading road construction projects in Türkiye since the begining. LNG use in asphalt production for the first time in Türkiye led by OMV Enerji in 2007; and since then, OMV Enerji has been a solution partner meeting the energy needs in large-scale road construction, public works and other construction projects all around Türkiye.

The installation of an LNG system for asphalt production is totally different from the other LNG system installations. In these systems, high amount of gas is used seasonally, designing for peak natural gas off-take considering proper storage capacity selection is crucial.

In addition and more importantly, the maximum efficiency of combustion is guaranteed by the expert staff through temperature measurements to be made at the gas exhaust stack and real-time flue gas measurements in order to ensure combustion efficiency at maximum level.

OMV Enerji periodically visits its road construction company customers and regularly reports for the improvements

At construction sites where heavy vehicle traffic , installations are performed by taking safety measures in line with international standards as well as company HSSE rules. Uninterrupted and safe LNG use by customers is ensured by using the products and equipment developed with the highest technologies and standards at the LNG usage area.

OMV Enerji shares all knowledge and experienced and provides recommendations for reduction of asphalt production cost in line with the Contracting companies’ cost targets. With the help of Its wide tanker fleet and experienced team, supplies the products within the right time frame. In that way , the deadline for completion of asphalt construction works are not exceeded as committed for the tender.

Logistics is one of the issues of top at peak levels importance for asphalt producing plants that consume at peak levels. Here, the service time , safety and high standards are the most important factors. OMV Enerji has been providing services with the highest quality for long years with its wide LNG fleet across the country.

Furthermore, the energy needs such as process, heating, and fundamental use (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc.) can also be easily met with LNG within such asphalt production worksites.

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