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Logistics Power


OMV Enerji Ticaret A.Ş. delivers LNG to its customers located across Türkiye in a safe and timely manner and within the required quality and quantity with its strong fleet consisting of 70 LNG tankers in line with international standards and suitable for Transportation of Dangerous Goods and materials.

Efficient Logistics Management and Pleased Customer

Thanks to identification of medium- and long-term logistics requirements through projections and demand planning activities, OMV Enerji delivers natural gas to the points beyond the reach of pipelines during all seasons and in the safest manner possible by covering a distance of 10 million kilometers per year. In addition to the efficient logistic management reached in this regard, OMV Enerji Ticaret A.Ş. continuously improves its processes, increases the level of service offered to customers and aims to provide advantages to them through LNG procurement cost reduction efforts.

Our Target Zero Accident (No Harm - No Loss)

Focusing on the zero accidents target, studies have been conducted to ensure that operations are carried out within the framework of all obligation of Road Transport Regulations and the Regulations on Transportation of Dangerous Goods and materials in a safely and environmentally-friendly manner with the human health awareness.

The company ensures the vehicles’ route and movement plans are prepared in the most efficient manner by focusing on the improvements in the logistics operations management and by even considering the Weather and Road conditions forecasts.

Pursuant to our HSSE policy, our operation have been conducted by meeting the requirement for employment of adequate personnel and observing driver resting periods and the speed limitations applicable for tankers. The controls made by OMV Enerji are further supported by the regular audits conducted by independent firms in order to maintain and further improve the actual results.


Onur İşçioğlu
Logistics Manager
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