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Small-Mid-Size Customers

With products such as the last resource supply tariff, fixed price or flexible tariff OMV has been supplying uninterrupted energy for eligible consumer customers considered as small and medium-sized enterprises with a consumption of less than 10 million kWh per year, for many years.

In addition to energy supply, OMV reduces costs sustainably with innovative products that are developed such as energy efficiency, digitalization, optimization, and on-site production and provides a competitive advantage especially for tourism, health, education, retail, food, service and manufacturing sectors.


Ümit Kılıç
Energy Services and Channel Manager​
0 212 329 10 39
0 530 321 04 46

Hakan Gölcüoğlu
Energy Services Expert
0 212 329 10 12
0 530 393 37 19