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OMV has been contributing in the energy supply security both in Europe with its Brazi Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in Romania having an installed capacity of 860 MW, which were constructed with modern, technological and global standards, With its own power generation plant and the experience that it has gained in the other natural gas power plants in the European markets, OMV Enerji can supply natural gas for the power plants operating in Türkiye and create synergy in the power market.

OMV Enerji also supplies natural gas for the cogeneration facilities owned by its customers in its portfolio in addition to its large power plant customers; and in addition, allowing to customers benefit from the opportunities in the power markets through its power management solutions and , services at the same time.

Having an important share in electricity generation of Türkiye, natural gas h as 40% share in the total generation. CCGTs that can quickly respond to the changing demands are continued to be preferred both in our country and in Europe.

In addition to its supply for natural gas combined cycle power plants, OMV Enerji also offers combined products to the cogeneration facilities owned by its industrial customers in line with the changes in the Natural Gas and power markets. Which helps the customers mainly operating in non-energy fields to benefit from the opportunities in the energy market as well.

OMV can also support its own customers by providing the possibility of access to power markets and involving them to its Balance Responsible Group activities composed of its own power plants and its customers in order to reduce the imbalances of power plants.

Thanks to the long-term relationships, that it has established with the companies that it works with based on mutual trust and win-win principle, OMV Enerji continues to be the choice of the leading companies in our country.

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