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Natural gas has recently become a commodity traded in spot market and price is shaped by supply and demand. In Türkiye, flexible and foreseeable pricing solutions will become more important with the upcoming Organized Wholesale Natural Gas Market that organized by EPİAŞ.

OMV Enerji offers transparent pricing solutions to customers in increasing competitive environment and strengthens its customers’ competitive positions in their own sectors through its strong capital structure and customer-specific risk management models.

OMV Enerji builds financial models by analyzing its customers’ business models, production plans and the variables in their consumption demands and offers tailor made pricing. Thus it allows all its customers to benefit from the all portfolio value developed by the rest of the customers in its portfolio.

OMV Enerji designs more sustainable supply chain with making new natural gas agreements with the other suppliers which are already in the portfolio of its group companies.

OMV continues its activities in generation, transmission and trading fields with its oil, natural gas, electricity and refinery products and creates energy for its customers with the experience gained in various areas and sectors.

With its sales volume of 113 TWh, it has globally supply and sales network in the natural gas market in 2017. OMV has a pricing experience based on various short- and long-term formulations. As a co-founder, OMV holds 65% stake in the Central European Gas Hub (CEGH) headquartered in Vienna, that is one of liquid hubs of Europe commonly used in international agreements.

OMV Enerji supplies products developed according to customer’s needs using its international sales and supply experience under the international conditions and standards. With its reliable and strong financial structure, it continues to be the choice of the leading companies of our country.

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