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OMV Türkiye carried out its first export and bunkering operation

OMV Türkiye, which pioneered the use of LNG in land transportation in Türkiye, has implemented its mobility investments in two stages. 

OMV Türkiye, within the scope of the Natural Gas export license obtained from the EPDK, made its first delivery to a vessel that has been completed at Damen Shipyard in Romania and will work with LNG. With this delivery to OMV Petrom, OMV Türkiye also made the first filling supply of a ship whose construction was completed at the shipyard, with LNG, a clean and environmentally friendly fuel. According to IMO regulations, the use of LNG in maritime transport is of great importance in terms of reducing sulphur emissions. OMV supports the use of LNG in sea and land transportation during the transition to zero carbon and provides its customers with a smooth supply service.