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Wholesale Bilateral Agreements


OMV Enerji supplies natural gas wholesale companies in addition to its end user sales. OMV can offer various product solutions to wholesale companies with its experience developed in the international markets, strong supply agreements and natural gas storage management experience.

OMV Enerji can execute End-of-Day Trading and Day-Ahead Trading for balancing purposes and customers’ needs for their short, medium, and long term supply contracts.

OMV Enerji targets to play an active role in the forthcoming Organized Wholesale Natural Gas Market that will operated by EPİAŞ.

OMV Enerji has developed the nomination solutions software completely adapted for Turkish gas market jointly with a leading energy optimization and nomination software company and thus, it has secured the data flow and made a difference in the sector by creating value for its customers. Under favour of this nomination software, the communications with the customers have become easier and nominations can now be made safely and reliably; The advanced information security systems owned by OMV Enerji has been documented with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificate.

OMV can also offer to the wholesale companies with its experience of selling 123 TWh that realized in Türkiye and Europe in 2017. With its strong financial structure, experience in the sector and high-quality workforce, OMV Enerji is considered among the most preferred leading companies in the natural gas wholesale market.

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Nisa Gözener
Trade and Portfolio Manager
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Mustafa Kayansalçık
Portfolio & Origination Senior Expert
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