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The need for the cleanest fuel, natural gas, has been gradually increasing with the increased number of consumers in our country.

OMV Enerji can use its national and international experience gained from sales to eligible consumers and natural gas supply optimization for meeting the needs of distribution companies and in that way provides the natural gas supplied from different resources through the most proper solutions and under the most convenient conditions for meeting the supply needs of distribution companies.

In addition to pipeline the natural gas supply via pipelines, OMV Enerji can also offer natural gas supply with LNG in the areas that cannot be reached by the main transmission lines of distribution companies pursuant to EMRA’s decision no. 7110-7 dated 08 June 2017 regarding the “Principles and Procedures for Supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to the Natural Gas Distribution Network”.

Maintaining its leader position in LNG market, OMV Enerji can supply sustainable and competitive LNG through its widespread LNG distribution network and professional fleet management. OMV Enerji can offer reliable and timely solutions to local distribution companies with its market leadership in LNG market for years.

While local distribution companies currently supply substantial part of their natural gas requirements from BOTAŞ, they have the right to supply from private sector wholesale companies. The sales by private sector wholesale companies to distribution companies are expected to increase with the increased number of consumers and increased use of it in the industry in the upcoming period.

OMV operates a 900 km-long natural gas pipeline grid in Austria and has its own gas storage facilities with a capacity of nearly 3 BCM in Austria and Germany. OMV has proven itself in this field with a sales volume of 123 TWh realized in Türkiye and Europe in 2017.

Natural Gas Market Law:

EMRA’s Board Decisions:

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