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Gas Engineering for Technicians

  • Energy ecosystem maintenance program is planned together with the customer.
  • Gas line tests and checks are operated and records are kept.
  • Periodic consumption performance measurements and analysis are carried out
  • Efficiency settings of furnace, boiler and similar flammable systems are made.
  • Studies on heat loss tests and preventive measures are carried out.
  • Preventive maintenance and proactive solutions are provided.
  • Engineering services are provided in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Periodic control forms are regularly reported and documented.
  • Management and planning of all maintenance needs in the energy ecosystem is coordinated.

Tayfun Gönül
Engineering and Technical Services Manager
0 212 329 10 62
0 530 159 65 25

Alper Güven
Technical Operational Engineering
0 212 329 10 33
0 530 232 82 54

Uraz Sar─▒tekin
Technical Operational Engineering
0 212 329 10 54
0 530 232 82 66