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Balance Responsible Group Services

OMV manages the Balance Responsible Group, which it has created in order to reduce imbalance costs incurred by power generation plant owners. In the portfolio that OMV's own free consumer customers are included; adds value to power generation plants with a win-win principle.

With a difference in the sector with the principles of transparency, equality and reliability, the "OMV Balance Responsible Group" continues to grow with new members elected in accordance with their needs.

Serhad Öztürk
Trade and Portfolio Manager
0 212 329 10 30
0 530 954 70 89

Nisa Gözener
Power Optimization and Pricing Manager
0 212 329 10 3
0 530 422 11 99

Mehmet Büyükkoyuncu
Energy Trade Manager
0 212 329 10 85
0 538 635 2812